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Dub Town Soccer AcademyCoaches:Joshua Perez & Benny spirk



2-3 year olds: Introduce your little ones to the world of soccer with our specially crafted training for 2-3 year olds! In this playful and interactive environment, toddlers learn the basics, make friends, and create cherished memories. Join us for a delightful introduction to soccer, where fun and the love for the game go hand in hand.


4 To 6 Year Olds: Explore the joy of soccer with our specially crafted training sessions for kids aged 4-6! Our program blends fun and learning, introducing the basics of soccer through engaging activities and age-appropriate drills. Watch your little ones develop skills, teamwork, and a love for the beautiful game in a supportive and positive environment.


7+ Year Olds: Elevate your child's soccer journey with our dynamic training sessions designed for kids aged 7 and up! Our program combines skill development, friendly competition, and a focus on sportsmanship. Through a series of engaging games and drills, we foster a love for the sport while enhancing their abilities and teamwork. Join us for a soccer experience that's both challenging and exhilarating!

Middle School: Experience the excitement of soccer in our dynamic middle school class! From mastering basic techniques to honing tactical strategies, students will enjoy a comprehensive approach to the sport. Perfect for players looking to sharpen their skills and ignite their passion for soccer.


High School: Maximize your potential on the soccer field with our high school-focused training sessions! Tailored for skill refinement, speed, and agility enhancement, our program is dedicated to preparing players for their seasons and helping them reach their goals. Join us in a dynamic environment where dedication meets personalized coaching, ensuring each participant progresses towards their full soccer potential.

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5:40-6:10 (ages 2-3)

6:20-7:00 (ages 7 & up)

7:10-8:10 (middle school) 


5:40-6:15 (ages 4-6) 

6:25-7:05 (ages 7 & up)

7:15-8:15 (high school)


30 minutes- $58/month

35 minutes- $63 /month

40 minutes- $68/month

60 minutes- $80/month

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