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Gymnasts with Balls

Get EXPERT training at the Flip Zone!

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5:00-5:30 (ages 2-3)

5:40-6:15 (ages 4-5)

6:25-7:05 (ages 6-9)


10:15-10:50 am (ages 2-5)

11:00-11:40 am (ages 6-9)

11:45-12:30 pm (ages 10-13)


5:00-5:40 (ages 6-9)

5:45-6:30 (ages 10-13)

6:35-7:35 (ages 14+)


10-10:30 am (ages 2-3)

10:30-11:05am (ages 4-5)

11:15-11:55 am (ages6-9)

12:05-12:50 pm (ages 10-13)


30 minutes- $55/month

35 minutes- $60 /month

40 minutes- $65/month

45 minutes- $70/month

60 minutes- $75/month

Hi everyone! My name is Mariah Barber and I am the owner of “The Cleat Crew” and your child’s soccer instructor. Here is a little bit about me:


I was born and raised outside of Wilmington, Ohio and attended Clinton-Massie Local Schools all 13 years. I married my husband, Jordan, in 2019. We have 3 kids, Jayden, Sadie and Isaac. We have two dogs, Piper and Thor. Together as a family, we enjoy traveling, camping, sports, and game nights.


Soccer/Coaching Experience:

4 year varsity high school, collegiate soccer at Mount Saint Joseph University and semi-professional with the Cincinnati Saints (now known as the Sirens). I still play indoor soccer a lot recreationally. I have coached all ages of soccer including youth soccer, junior high, and junior varsity Girls Soccer and the Clinton County Barracuda Swim Team. 


Work Experience:

Aside from The Cleat Crew, I am now a SAHM. I have a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and have taught various grades from prek-3rd. I also have experience in children's Mental Health. 


Coaching Philosophy:

I truly believe that children who have positive experiences with sports and activities will become well-rounded individuals. I focus on developing age appropriate skills that will help them be successful not only in soccer, but many other aspects of life. An important piece of coaching is establishing a relationship and building trust. I hope to pass on my passion for soccer and learning to your child.


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